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Frequently asked questions

So, how does this thing work?
How much does the Glambot cost?
Glambot activations average about $15k-20k per day. This includes the robot, freight trucking and delivery, multiple operators, a 240fps high-speed camera, lenses, lighting, and editing/delivery of video clips for 5 hours of event coverage.

Customized activations are also available.

What upgrades and brand integrations are available?
The Glambot is a highly customizable experience:
• Custom graphic overlay(s)
• Replay screen and on-site editor
• Recap edit of the best moments
• Behind-the-scenes coverage
• Custom set build
• Phantom up to 1000fps slow motion camera
• LED wall background
• RGB / moving lighting
• Pyrotechnics, cold sparks, etc.
Is this an authentic Glambot?
Yes, this is a MRMC Bolt with a professional cinema camera recording 4k 240fps slow motion with the optional Phantom 1000fps upgrade.

Knockoff solutions use a smaller robot and 120fps slow motion to create a more affordable but less dramatic effect.
What's your service area?
Konspiracy Studios can deliver a Glambot activation in anywhere in the contiguous USA and in most major markets globally.

Our rig is based at Mocolab in Philadelphia, PA and services NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC and VA.

We source additional rigs as needed from our robot partners across the globe.
Do you have a preferred event partner?
Our preferred event partner is Extraordinary Entertainment. Their team provides attendants, backdrops, set build, AI face-detection and text/email delivery of clips to elevate the Glambot experience to the next level.
What are the requirements?
Base Model - 220v 30amp - NEMA L14-30R
Larger Glambot - 480 Volt three-phase power supply
Minimum of 20' x 20' Footprint
Ground level access or loading dock and freight elevator
Can the Glambot go upstairs?
The Glambot is heavy! We have a ramp that allows us to push it up some small staircases, but generally a loading dock or freight elevator is required to move it off of ground level.
What's the setup time?
The Glambot takes usually 3-4 hours for assembly and testing, but each load-in is unique.
For live broadcasts we suggest booking it for a install/rehearsal day.
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