Motion Control for tabletop, sports and experiential with our MRMC Bolt Jr+ w/ track


with Mocolab

Bolt Operator: Mike Greenberg
Client: Hone Studio
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Cutting-edge cinema robotics

Konspiracy Studios offers a full-service option for brands and agencies to deliver world class footage created with our robotic systems.


The Bolt Jr+ with track is a portable motion control option that can run on 220v power or a generator, making it an obvious choice for use on location.

Freedom to Move the Camera

The Bolt system is a 6 axis robot, with track providing a 7th axis of motion.

The only comparable experience would be manipulating a camera inside 3d software
iPhone mockup

Fast Accurate Moves

The Bolt Programmer uses Flair Software to program camera moves with a lot of advanced features built in.

Flair also controls integrated focus and zoom motors powering target tracking, as well as rack focus control.  


Combine the robot with a motion control turntable, LED Wall, Unreal Engine, droppers, pourers, launchers, pyrotechnics,
MRMC Bolt JR+ Demo Reel
Bolt Operator: Mike Greenberg
Client: Crook & Marker
Playoff Hype Video
Bolt Operator: Mike Greenberg
Client: Triglass
MRMC Bolt Jr+ Cinebot

Motion Control Production Studio

Friendly, approachable motion control production.


Our team will help you scope out your vision. We have a variety of tools and methods to deliver for you.

Prep / Program

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.


We all play with a robot on set. Your client is wowed, and you look like a boss.


Take it to your place, or leave it with us. Replicate the robot moves in 3D.

Flair 7 - motion control

The most advanced motion control software platform available.

30 feet moco Track

We have 30' feet of track, available in 10' sections. More track is available upon request.

Available on location

The Bolt Jr+ can travel to you on a truck, or in pedestal mode on a sprinter van.

VFX Workhorse

Frame accurate repeat passes. Mixed frame rate compositing, focus stacking, FBX Export