Remote Capture

When 2020 turned our industry on its head, Konspiracy Studios moved quickly to adapt and design three remote capture solutions. If you're looking for a safe path to uplevel production quality we have three different approaches to remote production.


Our most cost effective remote solution. A solo operator will setup the camera, lighting and audio on site, and connect the camera output via video conference for clients to direct and monitor the signal remotely. Hybrid capture is camera agnostic and can be deployed with RED, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony FS7, Canon C300 or any professional camera.In accordance with industry guidelines our operators receive rapid covid tests 72 and 24 hours before productions.

Premium remote

A middle tier option suitable for corporate presentations and interviews where the end recipient needs no production experience. We ship a two device kit (iOS or Android) for the interviewee to assemble with our step by step assistance. Our team will remotely control the devices to dial in settings, start/stop recording, feed a teleprompter signal, or a remote director feed.The devices feature a bonded uplink over both cellular and wifi connections ensuring a rock solid video connection. The trade-off of this solution is the limitation on image quality, it is professional but more conference-like than cinematic.

Remote kit

A premium full-service solution suitable for remote capture for broadcast and commercial deliverables with celebrities or business executives.This solution is essentially a cinematographer in a box. The kit contains a quality 4k camera, powerful lighting, remotely controlled pan, tilt, zoom and professional audio.For multi-camera productions a second or third unit can also be deployed.We generally request to send a tech on standby outside the filming location, as a failsafe.

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